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TDS accounts have been changed to auto create an account, so just need to log into the game now and create and play.



New Tds Donation Packages

There are 3 new TDS donation packages available now for purchase, you can view the details by using the How to donate link at the left hand side.

Feb Donations

First off we would like to Thank Jutaro and Lucifer for donations made this month, their contributions have helped TDS build up a small fund for future server/web costs. Thanks guys we appreciate the help and support.


End of June/July Sale

Since I just got home yesterday from the hospital I am having some financial issues and can use all the donations received to go into an advance payment to cover all the net issues, Hopefully we can get like 3 months covered so I can try and recover from this last issue I am having personally.

I will offer an artifact special, 3 x stats, skills, effects for the rest of June/July in hopes we can pay off everything for a few months in advance and do not need to worry about the bills. So please take advantage of the sale so we can keep TDS paid for some months and do not need to worry about it for a while.


The donations have been few an far between. Thanks to Anubis he covered the cost this month, but we will be far short on funds to make next month, If people want to continue to play then we really need your support. If you donate 50 we will give you 5 free dt's, if you donate 100 will get you 10 free dt's, If you donate for an artifact or artifact upgrade we will do 5 x stats, 3 effects, and 50 skill points to allocate.

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