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TDS Fate

Due to the Lack of Funds, and recent health issues, I will be making a final back up on all the TDS files at the end of October, and shutting down TDS until possibly the beginning of the next year 2017. I would consider keeping the server up and running if 2 things were to happen before the end of the month. 1) Miracle of funds to cover the cost until 2017. 2) or enough to cover until December which we would then need to help cover the cost during that month. But main objective would be until 2017. I'm sorry that I can not just keep the game up for you all to enjoy TDS, but after 10 years now and slow decline of active players the time has come to lay the server to rest. Thanks to all of you that have helped financially in the past, I am sure that everyone including myself have really appreciated the help and support. I will be leaving the website, and forums up for people to still stay in contact with each other, also we have the Facebook site which will stay active. So keep in touch with all of this and maybe soon enough we can bring it back up and let you all enjoy the game again.  I just can not cover the cost alone, with all the medications and things I need for my health.


Thanks for 10 years


Friday, 21.10.2016